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kitchen-supplies-reviewEduka Libre is a small collective of moms who love to review products. We are based somewhere in the middle of the heartland in the United States, and we are experts in  baking, dieting, home & kitchen products, bathroom products, gardening, and much more.

Fueled by our love for writing, Eduka Libre was created to educate other moms about what products are good and safe for their families.

What Do We Review

As stated above, we are experts in a lot of matters that pertain to the home. We love cooking so we review a lot of kitchen and dining products. Most of the products we review we buy from Since we have Prime accounts, it makes it easier and faster for us to order from there. Therefore, our reviews can also be seen on there.

Our Favorite Products

infused-water-recipes-reviewWe often change the top products that we recommend so we keep it fresh. Currently, we love to keep it healthy so we are obsessed with the infuser water bottles made by Sharp Infuser, a subsidiary of Clarita Home. There detox water bottles make is so easy to drink lots of water since you are making it more delicious by adding fruit. This This helps keep you much healthier since you are increasing your intake of water instead of drinking sugary sodas or juices.

We also love the manual coffee grinder made by Clara’s Coffee. It makes out coffee taste 100 times better, and its also easy to carry around when we travel. We often take road trips to find new products, so having this travel ready coffee grinder is important to us.

Last but not least, we also love silicone candy molds made in the shape of LEGO bricks. Clarita Home has made a wonderful set of 3 moulds that do just that. Perfect for chocolate, hard candy, soaps, crayons, candles, jello, gummies, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

So keep track of our blog for amazing product reviews. You won’t be disappointed with our judgements.


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